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The HR director is responsible for managing the company's human resources. It calculates the necessary number of employees, ensures the attraction of new and retaining existing specialists, forms a personnel reserve. He also develops personnel policy, a system of motivation and training of staff. In other words, he does his best to make sure that people in the organization work well and are satisfied with their work.


It is difficult to imagine a modern organization, which would be absent the position of HR director or at least HR-manager. If it is a small company, then the functions of the HR director have to perform its head.


The duties of the cutter

For our country, the profession of HR director is relatively young. As a science, human resources management in Russia began to develop only in the 90s of the twentieth century, when Moscow State University began to train the first HR specialists.

Hr responsibilities

The main hr responsibilities are:
Head of staff;
Develop and implement the company's personnel policy;
Drawing up pay, benefits and compensation schemes;
Determining the number of staff and the formation of a staff pool;
Development of internal learning, adaptation, internal PR;
Monitoring the recruitment process
Control of personnel records;
planning and controlling staff costs.
The HR function may also include:
Recruitment at the top position;
Corporate news portal;
Corporate events;
development of the corporate training center.


Requirements for a HR director

The mandatory requirements for the HR director are:

Higher education (staff management);
HR experience of more than 5 years, including as a manager;
Owning state-of-the-art HR technology
good communication skills, the ability to resolve conflict situations.
knowledge of labour law.
Sometimes you may need:

English language skills
Experience of creating a HR system from scratch
readiness for business trips.


How to become a HR director

To become a HR director, it is advisable to have a higher education in HR. However, there are not so many specialized universities and higher psychological, economic or legal with additional education in the field of HR is also suitable.

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